Hey! It's Me! Your friendly neighborhood Michigan wedding photographer!


HI! I am Nikki and I am the owner and lead photographer of Nikki Alexis Photography. This new year I am taking my business into a different direction. For two years I have been a family and portrait photographer and it has brought me so much joy but after starting weddings this year I have found my true passion, which is why I have decided to pivot NAP into just wedding photography. From here on out I will only be working with couples. While I have enjoyed working with families and individuals for the past two years I have found that in my current season of life that weddings is what's best for me and my business.

When I started photography I never intended on even photographing people. My sole intention was to take nice photos on trips or just to post online for fun. Not until I got my camera and dove into learning all about the camera itself, lighting, editing I found that shooting people was the best way for me to push my creative boundaries. I started with photographing people in my family, close friends, my pets, and even myself. My hobby quickly evolved into a business and I was taking on client instead of forcing my loved ones to model for me.

After a very successful first busy season I shifted my focus to looking into doing weddings. At first it was something I wanted to get some experience in so I could see if it was something I would enjoy. As an introvert who has a very hard time talking to people I don't know, this was not something I thought I would want to make full time. I reached out to many many photographers begging for help, to let me even just shadow and it was surprisingly hard to find someone who was willing to let me tag along. Just two months after reaching out to my piers I got a message from an old coworker who also is a photographer. She was in a bind and needed someone to help her with a second half of a wedding. I was terrified at the idea of finishing out a wedding by myself with no experience but from the moment I got there It was clear to me that this was an environment I thrive in. From there it snowballed for me, an old classmate of mine messaged me asking to be her wedding photographer for her wedding just a few months away. She trusted me fully with the experience I had and hired me on after a talking on the phone. I was elated and so confident in myself that I could crush this. Now if you know me, you know confidence DOES NOT come easily to me but something in me knew I was going to be able to do that wedding all by myself. And you know what? I crushed it.

As the year went on I ended up doing 7 weddings total. This is still blowing my mind that I was able to accomplish 7 weddings when I started the year begging other photographers to let me shadow. I also got engaged and married in three months this same year. After my wedding and taking time to reflect on how I would like my business to grow from here I decided that switching to only working weddings for the time being.

This is something I am very excited for and I am ready to jump in head first. I know working weddings and pivoting my business like this is not going to be easy but I have so much faith in myself and I have an amazing support system to help guide me the right way. Thank you to all those of you that have encouraged me and helped lift me up throughout my photography journey. Thank you to the families and individuals that have trusted me with their precious memories that past few years. Thank you to the brides that have trusted me do photograph your weddings but finally thank you to all the photographers that have taken a leap of faith with hiring me and helping me find my way in this crazy wedding world. I don't have any New Years resolutions for myself or business but I can't wait to see where my business ends up by next New Years.

Your friendly neighborhood wedding photographer,

Nikki Davis

Owner of Nikki Alexis Photography

Photo Credit: Mikayla Jean Co.

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