Three Unique Date Nights

Because of COVID my husband and I had to get creative when it came to date nights so I thought I should share some of the fun date's we have done.

At home Wine and Canvas Night

I got us paint and two canvases from the local dollar store and picked up some wine from the grocery store. We threw on some music, poured us each a glass or wine, and got to work. My husband was not thrilled about this idea at first because I am the creative one and he didn't want to be embarrassed if his didn't turn out the way he invisioned. So I helped him find inspiration online and walked him through the steps. He ended up loving it and we both had so much fun just talking and painting. Sometimes a sit down dinner can put pressure on you to have good flowing conversation so doing something hands on together is a great way to get the natural conversation going.

Tik Tok Target Date

Now this has to be my favorite date night that we have done so far. I had seen this on Tik Tok so many times and one night we decided to do it. So if you don't know what this date idea is, let me explain.

You and your partner go together to Target and split up to find theses five items.

One item of your partners favorite color
One of your partners favorite snacks
One of your partners favorite drinks
One item that reminds you of your partner
One activity that you can do together as a couple

This can get pricey so if you need to add a budget on it, feel free to do that. Once you get home you each reveal these items to each other at the same time. Then explain why you got each of those things.

For example my husband got me:
A fuzzy blanket of my favorite color, green
Reeses Peanut Butter Cups & ice cream Drumsticks
He not only got me stuff to make Chia Tea Lattes but he went and got me a fresh one from Starbucks while he waited for me to finish and he got two of my favorite cake pops.
LEGO Harry Potter Set
Star Wars Card Game

What I got my husband:
Blue Mandolorian Shirt
Beef Jerky
Two Hearted Ale
Harry Potter Deck Building Game

We ended up playing the Harry Potter Board Game for FIVE STRAIGHT HOURS. It is so much fun to come up with gifts you never thought you ever get your partner this way and you get to have a fun game/activity night together. I loved hearing all of the reasons my husband picked the certain gifts out and it made it such a special night.

Hike and Picnic Dinner

This is something we love to do most nights during the summer. We pack a light lunch, a book for each of us, and a blanket. We choose a nice trail near our house and set up our dinner. This is a great way to connect with your partner in nature. Watch the sunset and enjoy relaxing together.

It's easy to just get in the routine of dinner and movie date but it's important to think out of the box every once in a while and try something new. We find that changing up our date nights and by doing something unique, we get to connect in a different way than what we do daily.

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