Want to include your pet in your session? YES, PLEASE!

Why should you include your furry family members into you wedding or photoshoot? Because they are exactly that, your family. I was not able to include my fur baby, Ginny, into my wedding and it is a huge regret of mine. Due to weather we had to change ceremony at the last minute and because of that we couldn't have her there.

I have had many couples ask me if they could bring their dogs to our session and this is a dream for me. I love being able to play with your pets while we do a shoot. Think your dog is "too crazy" to be at our shoot? NO PROBLEM, I will bring treats, toys, and I'll run around with your pupper to get the best shot.

Now I know that not everyone's fur baby is not a dog. I have yet to have anyone ask me if they can bring any other pet to a session but if you want to bring your cat or even bunny to your photoshoot then I am the photographer for you. There is no reason we should regret recording special moments in our lives with our furry friends. They have a limited time on this earth with us so lets make it worth while. They may not know what these special moments are but that doesn't mean that they aren't going to love being included.

Recently I was a second shooter for a wedding where their dog was the dog of honor. And let me tell you, he was the star of the show. He wanted to be apart of every photo and loved all of the affection he got from the guests and vendors. Don't make the mistake I made and not involve your furry best friend in those moments.

Your friendly neighborhood wedding photographer,

Nikki Davis

Nikki Alexis Photography LLC

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