Why you should have a photographer at your proposal!

Meet Jake and Ally, a beautiful couple from Michigan. I actually met both of them in high school. Jake graduated with me and even though Ally is a few years younger than us, we had mutual friends. When I had started photography, Ally was one of the first people that reached out to me for a paid session. She wanted a fall couples photoshoot with her boyfriend Jake and their dog. The day before the session Jake messaged me on Facebook letting me know he wanted to propose to Ally DURING our session! This was my dream session and it was finally here!

Jake had gotten a ring a little before Ally set up a session with me so he decided this was the best time to do it. (And I would have to agree.) I posted on a photography page asking for help on some ideas on how I could execute this without Ally getting suspicious. I made a game plan and confirmed it with Jake.

The next morning I met them at the photoshoot location and I was shaking like a leaf, I was so excited. How amazing was it that Jake trusted me to capture this moment for them! When Ally wasn't looking I had Jake hand me the box and I put it in my fanny pack. (Yes, I am the photographer with the hot pink fanny pack.)

I wanted to wait towards the end of the session just in case she cried but at the beginning of the session she got something in her eye and her eyes started to water. So I said screw it and told them I was going to move them to the bridge. This was a cue for Jake to get ready for me to hand him the ring.

We get to the bridge and I have them do a few different shots before I tell them to face each other and wrap their arms around each other. Then I pretended to fix the sleeve of Jakes shirt and handed him the ring box behind Ally's back. I captured a few shots of him with the ring before he did his thing.

I got into position and told Jake, "Go ahead, Jake." He then pulled away from her and got down on one knee. At first she looked at me confused and then it clicked in her brain what was happening. She instantly started crying, gave him a big hug and said "Yes!". It was the most perfect moment for them and I had fogged up my view finder because it was just so beautiful.

Getting to be apart of their special moment was an experience I will never forget. This moment is the exact reason why I love what I do. I get to help make the perfect memories last for a lifetime and I wouldn't want to be doing anything else. It truly was the moment when I knew I wanted to get into weddings and that's how I got here today.

If you are considering having a photographer capture your proposal just GIVE IN already! You will never regret investing in the images that help you relive those memories over and over. Please check out this slide show to see her reaction.

Your Friendly Neighborhood Wedding Photographer,

Nikki Davis

Owner and Lead Photographer of Nikki Alexis Photography LLC

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